About Feature Power

Feature Power provides practical, tailored software consulting and support for Australian businesses. We work with clients in all industries, helping them get the most out of the cloud-based software products they’ve chosen to utilise. 


Why clients choose us 

Many cloud-based software platforms promise to simplify business processes, save business owners time and deliver improved business outcomes. In reality, achieving such benefits requires more time and expertise than many business owners have at their disposal.

That’s where we can assist. At Feature Power we combine deep knowledge of selected leading cloud-based software platforms with a passion for delivering tangible, improved business outcomes for our clients. You set the goal, and we work with you to achieve it.


How we work

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Step 1: Free no obligation consultation 

We provide a free phone consultation as a first step in the process. This conversation enables us to understand your business, your business goals, and your experiences to date with your chosen software platform. If we can solve your software conundrums during this dial-in, we absolutely will!

Step 2: Set your goal

If we agree that Feature Power can provide you with valuable further assistance, we will establish a goal to be achieved within a single month. Not simply a software product goal, but a business outcome goal.

Across the month, we will progressively develop solutions, partnering with you to process design, product and data setup to ensure your goal is achieved. We use weekly screen share review sessions as a powerful tool for project progression and the handover of skills and knowledge.

For us, delivering software outcomes that our clients feel confident to use and that truly meet their business needs is the most rewarding part of this process.


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Step 3: Meet an ongoing need

One month may be all it takes to optimise your process and achieve your business goal. Or, a larger project may run over several months. The key is each month has its own business goals clearly established.

Alternatively, you may want to run an ongoing program of incremental improvements, or engage Feature Power to provide a bureau service of outsourced processes.

Meet Peter Borg: the face behind Feature Power 

Today’s software products are inexpensive, integrate-able and beautifully designed. They can make a significant contribution to your business success – but only when used well.

When I started in technology consulting for large corporate clients (last century), things were different. Everything was expensive and complicated. It took big teams to get anything done. I’ve come back to hands-on technology after 10 years of freelance consulting (leadership, productivity, sales) and discovered the future really has arrived.

The old challenge still remains though – alignment of technology to business process. Critical to achieve the promised benefits. But this challenge can now be addressed much more easily – with the right expertise.

I started Feature Power in 2015 to provide this much needed, uncomplicated expertise (business + technology). We’re very proud to have helped many businesses around Australia achieve more success.

Could we help your business derive the full benefit from the software products you’ve chosen to use? Find out by booking a free Feature Power phone consultation.