Need expert help using Process Street? 


Can Feature Power help you get more out of Process Street? 

Feature Power specialises in helping businesses to thrive using Process Street. By customising Process Street to design workflow processes, procedures and management that match your unique business needs, at Feature Power we can help you to truly derive the promised business benefits of using Process Street. 

At Feature Power we can: 

  • Help you use Process Street's workflow management tools to achieve your business objectives
  • Help you use Process Street to design and implement effective workflows - checklists, procedures and processes - that underpin business efficiency and success
  • Integrate your Process Street workflows with existing external apps, to streamline your business workflow management 
  • Help you to keep on top of workflow management with minimal administrative effort 
  • Upskill you and your team to collaborate on Process Street and manage workflows with greater clarity and success. 

Process Street removes the chaos from business workflow management. 

A popular collaboration tool, Process Street enables you to house and manage recurring checklists, procedures, processes and workflows from one convenient digital space. You can integrate Process Street workflows with more that 1000 apps, making it a highly flexible software product for multiple business contexts.

But while there are endless benefits to using Process Street, it can challenging to tailor its workflows so that they really suit your individual business needs. 

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How it Works

Spend some time speaking with Feature Power to help you make the best use of Process Street. Note that Feature Power is a consulting business. We're experts in using Process Street, while we're independent from the company that built and support it.



Use our calendar below to book an appointment for a time that suits you, or contact us directly.

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We'll call you at the allocated time. We'll seek to understand your business and benefits you're seeking from your chosen software products.



Ask anything. We can talk for up to 45 minutes. No cost, and no obligation. Our thoughts about software products always relate to your particular business situation and goals.

Free Consultation


The Feature Power Commitment


We don't want to waste your time, or our own. If you book an appointment, we'll understand that you have genuine questions and are seeking some expert guidance. What is the best path for your business products? What are the pros and cons? How to get best value in the shortest time?

Our commitment is to answer these questions as best we can. So the consultation is worthwhile for you, not just an advertisement for us.

No pressure

Certainly, this is how we find new clients. Many beneficial relationships start with a free consultation. Though not every consultation leads to a commercial relationship. We strive to make the consultation as worthwhile for you as possible, stand alone; everything else then looks after itself.

No conflict

We work with many cloud based applications, including Insightly, but we do not work for them. We know the landscape, but we don't aim to convince you about one product or another. Usually, when you speak with us, you've already done some research. We help you work out what to do next – ensure the product you select actually delivers what you need in your business.

Peter Borg


I'm the founder and lead consultant at Feature Power; the bloke in the picture. I'll speak with you in the free consultation. If we engage in ongoing work, I'll use my team of trusted subcontractors to help, but I'll still be your contact and accountable to you for everything Feature Power delivers.  



Rosemary Gillespie – Director

Rosemary Gillespie – Director

Proof Communications

"Peter has been assisting Proof Communications to integrate our project management and CRM system, training the team to make the most of its features. Peter's knowledge (and patience) is exceptional, and with his background in coaching, he is always able to quickly get to the heart of what we need, ask the right questions and find solutions to help us manage our business. He's a real asset."

Mike's Manila Tours

"Plenty of people recommended Insightly. Sadly none of us was 'CRM savvy'. Sure there’s the online teaching but we didn’t have time to “do the courses then figure it out”. We knew our processes and we knew we needed to systemise them into a structure. Peter has proven to be a great solution – building the core process whilst teaching my team how to use Insightly. Without Peter I’m sure our CRM project would have crashed a burned. Instead it’s been a great boost to MikesManilaTours."
Mike O'Hagan – Managing Director

Mike O'Hagan – Managing Director

Jodie Willmer – Director

Jodie Willmer – Director

Jodie Willmer – Board Succession & Diversity

"As our business has grown, so has our need to have a more sophisticated CRM and project management tool. Peter helped us make the transition from a number of excel spreadsheets to a fully set up CRM in no time at all. He came up to speed quickly about our business requirements and sales processes. Peter asked insightful questions and offered terrific suggestions that were invaluable to increase our productivity.”